Answer These 10 Questions to Find Out Your Health Quotient!
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1) If I had to choose the most important area of my life to focus on currently, it would be:

2) If I had to review my life I would say that ''I have':

3) I have tried the following:

4) I have had problems with the following physical or BODY areas:

5) In the past decade do you feel the world has become:

6) When I feel tired, run down or out of sorts I:

7) If you were told that you can affect the world around you and your own life successes love, happiness etc. by just by how you approached life and your own thoughts, would you:

8) The environment has become very polluted on so many levels, effecting all the elements of life fire, air, water and earth, which in turn affects our own health. Do you feel:

9) The belief in an afterlife or what happens to us when we die:

10) Music and certain sounds have been found to be a great way to stimulate thought, or brain wave and to help relax or to stimulate action during exercise.

Rating PEA (Primary focus is on existence itself and general body awareness.) You are starting the journey of awareness through the physical senses. Your environment and relationships with others as well as your own self awareness is key to your growth and development. You may try to become more attuned to what is around you by becoming more involved with nature . Recommendations: You may try walks in nature on a regular basis, finding trails in the park or walking paths that bring you near water or the feel of the earth. Share these walks with friends.
Rating PBP (Primary focus is for the Physical body its positioning in relation to others and awareness of the self in relation to the outside environment and the material world.) The appreciation for you is on the primary senses. There is a definite body awareness and it is relative to the surroundings that you find yourself in, whether you have purposely placed yourself there or through happenstance. Spiritual connections are not really made or bonded yet so you have room for growth and development. Social connections appear loose, scattered, confused or lacking cohesiveness. Recommendations: You may want to choose a spiritual topic of interest and start the exploration. Make sure the exploration includes the development of your body energy and creating mind body synergy, such as looking at the chakras(The energy centers) or stress reduction in relation to massage technique or perhaps qigong and tai chi for stabilizing and energy flow.
Rating HWB (Primary focus is on the Health and Welfare of the Physical body and how it relates to the earth and the elements. ) You have an appreciation for the body's interaction with the environment in general and continued testing of what one can accomplish. You mentally question the reasoning of the why's and how's of the universe and have a general insight into the spiritual world through nature. It may be time to explore some additional avenues of where you are going and how you will get there through some internal exploration. Recommendations: You may want to try meditation, massage and/or Reiki.
Rating HBA (Primary focus is on the Health of the Physical Body and a basic Awareness for the spiritual side of the self) Your health and body awareness are of maximum concern whether you are very active and taking care of your body or whether you have ignored this side and are now considering how to regain the original zest for life. You are starting to become aware on a spiritual level but you are still testing concepts and ideologies. Recommendations: It may be wise for you to try and mix body awareness with your spiritual endeavors by engaging in mind / body activities which will ultimately lead to greater spiritual awareness and open you to additional social opportunities.
Rating SPS (Primary Focus is on Spiritual Energy and how it relates to the body and the Physical environment which includes but not exclusive to a Social setting). You have a high internal spiritual awareness as well as a general social awareness. However, your concentration can fluctuate between all the energies out there. You should try to stay as balanced as you can, otherwise you will become scattered and the healing energy for your body can dissipate. You do seem to stay regularly in tune with your body on a physical level and how it reacts to environmental stimuli. Since you are a social being but serious in relationships, you may become too exclusive in your interactions. Recommendations : You may want to give yourself space and time for all the dimensions of you and also attempt to open yourself to new social experiences within a guided and safe framework.
Rating SE I ( Primary Focus is on Spiritual Energy, Enlightenment or Internal Enhancement) Your primary urge is always to seek from within which gives you guidance for where you need to be moment to moment. Secondary focus is towards the outward awareness of the body interacting with the environment. This outward awareness appears to be less central than the internal development, which sometimes leaves you with too little interaction with the world at large or less than satisfactory interaction in general. Peace can be found in the forest as well as the city, if your inner self is truly balanced. Recommendations : You may look for more positive daily social interactions, in diversified situations and settings which can include light physical activities.